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Salmon season begins

Not for us though !

1st Feb .is the start of the salmon anglers season on the Severn.

We have no beef with theses anglers but would like to make this comparison to our rules and regs.

An unlimited number of anglers (we are 8) No catch limit for those anglers (We fish under a strict limit ) No legal demand to fill in a catch return (our log has to be filled in every day under threat of prosecution ) A season of over EIGHT months (ours is 3 on paper but boils down to hours ) No HABITAT REGULATION ASSESSMENT TAKEN OUT ON THIS FISHERY by NRW /EA .

This fishery will indirectly "kill" more salmon in a season than we have taken in decades.

Treatment of our fishery by NRW we consider to be prejudicial and spiteful .Driven with vigor from within the organisation


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