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(Tourist welcome sign Black Rock picnic site 2003)

  • To protect the heritage and tradition of Lave Net fishing in Wales.

  • To enhance the heritage value of our fishery through tourism and public awareness.. To promote wherever possible our tradition of Lave Net Fishing.

  • To ensure the history and tradition of our fishery is passed on to the future generations of our community.

  • To preserve the fishery in a viable form.

  • 2020 The fishery and all built around it has been destroyed by a further NRW catch restriction that we and others see as unfair ,unwarranted and prejudicial . Effort has dropped by 90% .All peripheral events built around the fishery have ceased . Cultural vandalism .

Members of the Black rock lave net fishermen's Association



Paul Watkins ,Sudbrook , Monmouthshire (Chairman);  Martin Morgan, Undy, Monmouthshire (Secretary);  
Richard Morgan, Caldicot, Monmouthshire (Treasurer);    
Liam French ,Caldicot, monmouthshire , Richard Watkins , Sudbrook , Monmouthshire;  
Matt Fox , Monmouthshire;  Rob Evans, Black Rock, Monmouthshire;  
Chris Hourihane, Caldicot, Monmouthshire

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