Rock & Hard place

A decision has been made by our group to accept the terms demanded by NRW under protest.

We feel that the HRA is spurious in the extreme ,the conclusion of it was made prior to the HRA , it is wrong that anglers fishing for the same fish are not subject to a HRA ,a totally prejudicial ruling . We believe we have no significant impact on stock whatsoever.

Not fishing in 2020 destroyed our fishery accepting the terms will have the same effect . It will also destroy all built around the fishery , 20 years hard work by ourselves and others who tried to build this into a model heritage fishery and keep it alive for future generations to enjoy.

We apologize to all who supported us over the years but to carry on in the same vein would be like rubbing salt in the wound as we feel wronged in the extreme .

We will still continue to fish wandering down occasionally , high days and holidays..........A sad end to what was.

Congratulations NRW

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