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Quite a shock

Shocked and disappointed last night up on the river Wye to see anglers still fishing for salmon upstream of Redbrook . This despite the plea from the WYE SALMON ASSOCIATION for anglers to stop fishing for them now and give any surviving salmon a chance to move up river unhindered to their spawning grounds .

Once again we witnessed many dead salmon during our short kayak trip .

Interestingly advice from THE USK & WYE FOUINDATION a group that proport to have the interests of salmon at heart has given the green light for salmonid fishing on the USK & Wye to resume..........but carry a thermometer ...........

We feel NRW / EA allowing for the situation on our local rivers and the amount of dead and struggling salmon should have curtailed the season months ago .

Don't forget " Every salmon matters " ................Pic . Upstream of Redbrook 22.9.22 .


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