Our season ends..........

Our season ended on 31st August . As predicted the fishing effort dropped by around 90% due to the imposed NRW further catch restriction which after over a year of fighting we accepted under protest........ The fishery as a tourism / heritage site has been destroyed by the NRW actions against us in our view . peripheral things built around the fishery are no more. The group hardly met or fished together ,net house not open ,visitors to Black rock saw little if any fishing.

As closure of all other salmon fisheries on the estuary proved the imposed restrictions on our catch will make no difference to stock on our rivers.

Cultural vandalism .

Meanwhile anglers will fish on for salmon on our local rivers until the middle of october indirectly killing salmon on the wye & usk ,keeping as many as they like on the river Severn..... No Habitats regulations assessment for these fishery's impact on salmon stock yet a HRA was used to destroy our fishery & all built around it

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