Our salmons journey

Onwards into the river system for our salmon . Providing it has escaped the seals in the Wye estuary and passed through the sewerage discharges he now finds himself at he first of the Salmon pools .

Seals are now ranging well up into the river so if one is in the pool the salmons days are numbered............

For those who have no idea of the spawning fishes journey it will now make it's way up the river system to "The Redds " it's gravel bed spawning grounds, stopping off depending on the rain fall and water levels at "Pools " along the way.

Most of these are private fisheries and some are very exclusive. (as on the river Usk ) Anglers will fish for the salmon in these pools . Some will be caught and these days returned (although policing of these private fisheries is virtually non existent & over half anglers do not fill in a catch return..... ) A percentage depending on many factors do not survive. A salmon may be caught more than once on it's journey. The season is around 7 months on our local rivers, ending just prior to spawning time when the female fish is heavy with eggs.

Amazingly the biggest fishery killer (indirectly) of spawning salmon is now the Angling fishery . The potential is unlimited and as Usk salmon fishery interests are suggesting 10 year bans on what remains of the Severn traditional fisheries we suggest due to the impact of their angling fishery on salmon stock , a 10 year ban should be imposed on that fishery immediately if stock is so depleted

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