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Our salmon's journey continues.

So if our Salmon has survived in it's river of choice so far it now moves upstream towards it's spawning grounds resting in "Pools" along the way if weather conditions dictate.

In these pools anglers will fish for them and perhaps catch them . They will be played ,netted ,handled and perhaps photographed .

Law states on the Wye & Usk that these fish should be returned ( Very little if any policing of this )........ some ,and this depends on many factors will not survive that ordeal.

If the fish does survive it could be caught more than once....... right up to the middle of october....

On the river Severn there is at present ( 2021 ) no law to say the fish has to be returned by an angler after 16th June......they can take as many as they like.

The EA closed all remaining upper Severn estuary traditional salmon fisheries in 2019 (and there wasn't much left ) stating concerns over salmon stock levels..........


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