Now the returning salmons problems begin

A returning Salmon now has little to fear on the Severn estuary . Not so when it turns into the river..........

In a series of posts we will run through what is happening as we speak on our rivers that feed the estuary. Here is the 1st obstacle.

Lets start with the river Wye . For many years Seals seals have been sighted on the Severn estuary , not really a problem in the small numbers. However they now have made their home on the river Wye , ranging well up river.

If a seal gets into a pool he will kill all he can for fun. In drought conditions salmon hold up around Chepstow castle. The seals will slaughter the lot.

River management 2021 style . Pic. A fresh run salmon on the Wye at chepstow June 2021.Breakfast sorted !

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