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Not sustainable.

There seem to be less and less UK fish each year..........Well here's one reason why . A couple of weeks ago the vessel MARRTJE THEADORA was working in the western approaches to the Bristol Channel beyond lundy. Herring did not turn up on the Cleddu this year could this be the reason why.......

She is the 4th biggest SUPER TRAWLER in the EU fleet , 9000 tonne gross weight.

All perfectly legal granted a licence by the UK.

She can hold.........6,000 tonne of fish.......... Ban this type of boat would be a start .....but no that would be to difficult . Quango's & other pressure group will come up with creating "Nursery grounds " (very emotive ) "Protected zones " ......... often these are taken right into shore destroying inshore fisheries and community's ( someone's agenda ) Holy island crab fishery recently is an example ( thankfully stopped )........seen to be doing something but not the right thing.

The damage is being done offshore by unsustainable practice.


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