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" PERVERSE " or what......................

3rd March sees the start of the Salmon angling season on the rivers WYE & USK , these two fisheries will fish right up to 17th October , almost three times longer than our Severn estuary fishery.....

Both rivers have no limit on numbers of salmon they catch or anglers that can fish unlike our fishery that fishes under a catch and fisherman limit.

With all traditional salmon fisheries on the estuary in effect closed you have to ask the question , where now lays the potential to do most harm to salmon stocks on these rivers ( bearing in mind The E.A / NRW say that they are both depleted )

The answer to that is very clear. In certain conditions & if there is a reasonable run of fish , even fishing C&R the incidental fish Kill will be high.

Catching , playing , handling & photographing sees to that.

To top it off both these fisheries (unlike ours ) are not subject to a Habitats regulations assessment by NRW or The E.A .............. A rule for one and not the other .

Seems the mantra applied to our fishery "Every fish matters " does not apply to this fishery.

Prejudicial and Perverse or what ?

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