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The recent fly tipping incident on the Gwent levels in which contaminants leached out into the water course was picked up by the south wales Argus.

NRW commented on the incident saying there is no record of this being reported to them by us.................Incredible

We keep a log

18th jan. 10.30 am called NRW incident hotline .Spoke to a woman , reported incident / location .left a contact number.

24th jan. 1.30pm Called NRW incident hotline . Spoke to a woman .Asked why no one had removed the items from the reen . She said someone will phone me.

Phone call from NRW at 3.27pm .Will get someone down there tomorrow (Monday 25th ) We asked for feed back.

25th jan . 11.30am Phone call from NRW reg. incident . We agreed to meet him at Undy pumping station and did 10mins later.

Pointed out rubbish in reen and contaminants & the pollution risk .Asked for feed back.

28th jan 9am . Our fishermen cleared reen prior to the worst of the rain.

If they lie in the press about issues like this what else do they lie about ?????

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