Ground down.

This particular episode with NRW has worn on for around 4 years............2017 we applied to renew our "Welsh assembly lease " what should have been a relatively simple affair (And we were told buy NRW at the start should be ) wore on until weeks before the start of our 2018 season when NRW unexpectedly added 2 new clauses to our lease ...........2019 NRW withheld our licence to fish until the day before the season started ( the run up to that date involved another fight ) 2020 all of a sudden our lease now requires a Habitats regulations assessment ............NRW used 15 fish (Our max. agreed take on our lease ) to calculate our "impact " We refused our right to fish to fight the ruling . 2021 after offering NRW to reduce our max allowed take to 5 fish they again ruled in what we consider to be a spurious HRA we were a threat to salmon stock .

There was only ever going to be one outcome judging by the letters received from NRW prior to the HRA.

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