Good old ecology , rolls off the tongue lovely .Sammy and the gang up on the river Wye showing how its done this week again . Back on the lamprey ,suppose it makes a change.

So how many seals on the river are to many seals...........?

Numbers will increase over time until the food source will not support the number of seals or the stock of fish collapses , good old ecology.

Of course further down the line someone else's problem so it will be ignored by those who should have a plan in place.

Problem here is that our river / fish guardians say that the fish the seals have been gorging on the past few weeks Twaite shad ,Salmon & lamprey are all under threat / endangered ........Can't really make it up can you .

Son of sammy back on the Lamprey. An adult seal consumes around 25lb of fish a day. Lamprey are around a pound in weight.

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