Catch and let go...............

A rock & hard place accepting the licence to fish under protest which we & others consider unjust ,prejudicial and totally wrong.

Effort will now drop by 80% plus. Net house visitor center rarely ever open . A rare sight to see any of the group down at Black rock fishing. All built around the fishery destroyed by the actions of NRW fisheries division.

The chances of catching a salmon are now very remote , and if we do so..... we cannot raise the net to the rock staff , shake it into the bag of the net ,dispatch it cleanly & swiftly and celebrate its capture by sharing the fish & eating it.

Instead we must raise the headline and let it swim away.......................The fishery and all built around it dying as we speak.

Letting NRW have any input into heritage is like letting a fox take charge of a chicken coop .

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