A public fishery

The origins of the lave net are obscure but is most probably the ladenet of John Smyth of Nibley who writing in 1639 says

"Howbeit in certain places and seasons in the lakes & pools of the Severn estuary ANY STRANGER may with becknet or ladenet fish "

The upper Severn lave nets men have never required any licence or permission to fish for white fish or shrimp as this region (midlands region ) of the severn estuary is a public fishery where a lave net can be used to catch white fish & shrimp.

( A licence was required if the target was salmon. )

They have a long history of doing so and this picture is of a net made and used by one of those fishermen who has recently passed away . The net is hand knitted & the lave net frame a work of art .

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