Blame game.............

Natural resources Wales in our opinion use a mix of truths and half truths and misleading information in their press releases.

Unless folk have a little back ground information they can be easily miss led.

" Netsmen on other rivers in wales release salmon "..... The few remaining are in west wales. They are predominately Sewin fisheries .Salmon are a very small part of their catch.

" New byelaws have been passed in January 2020 for nets men in the rivers of wales to release salmon "..........

The are few netsmen left on the rivers of wales and as above they are Sewin fisheries. The byelaws were aimed at them (their season was also shortened ) Black rock lave nets men fish on the severn estuary NOT ON A RIVER IN WALES.

We were prevented from speaking /presenting evidence at the related enquiry by NRW "as the byelaws are not relevant to your fishery ,you fish on the estuary "

Seems to us

The Severn estuary

in the last one they were trying to lay blame on the minister...........

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