Mixed fortunes

What a week! Fishing was disappointing with mixed weather and no further salmon taken, the season's tally still stands at five. Luck seems to have deserted us with a few good fish missed, with no fishing now until 6am Monday there are only five tides left in July for us to add to the monthly limit.

On the non fishing front, a lot more success with our exhibition/demonstration at the Royal Welsh Show, winning two gold group awards. Hard work but a Fantastic result.

During the week the fishermen were filmed for the TV programme "Escape To The Country" and the presenter Jonnie Irwin was allowed to "fish" on Martin's licence. The weather was fine and Rob Evans, Richard Harris and Rob Watkins also took part. We got Jonnie back in one piece to tell the tale. The programme showcases what counties, in this case Monmouthshire has to offer.

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